The Whispers Live From Las Vegas
Songbook, Vol. 1: The Songs of Babyface (Interscope 1997)
Toast to the Ladies (Capitol 1995)
Christmas Moments (Capitol 1994)
More of the Night (Capitol 1990)
Just Gets Better with Time (Solar 1987)
So Good (Solar 1984)
Love for Love (Capitol 1983)
Love Is Where You Find It (Solar 1982)
Imagination (Solar 1981)
This Kind of Lovin' (Solar 1981)
The Whispers (Solar 1980)
Happy Holidays to You (Solar 1979)
Headlights (Solar 1978)
Open up Your Love (Soul Train 1977)
One for the Money (Soul Train 1976)
Bingo (Janus 1974)
Planet Of Life (Soul Clock 1973)
Life And Breath (Janus 1972)
The Whispers' Love Story (Janus 1972)
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